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Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that people use to buy services and goods. To secure online transactions, they use an online ledger that has strong cryptography. Companies have begun to make their currencies that can be used for any good or service they provide. To get cryptocurrency, you must exchange real money beforehand. In order for cryptocurrencies to work, they must be used with blockchain technology. This ensures the security and records of all transactions. There are over 6,700 cryptocurrencies listed on that are traded publicly daily. They are continually growing as they raise money during the first coin offering.  At the end of 2020, the total value of cryptocurrencies was over $645.7 billion, with Bitcoin being the top of the market at $421.7 billion.


Many cryptocurrencies allow you to purchase using U.S dollars, but some only allow you to pay with another cryptocurrency. To buy them, you will need a “wallet” app on your phone. From there, you can create an account on an exchange and then turn your money into cryptocurrencies. Coinbase is a commonly used trading platform that allows you to have a wallet where you can buy and sell. A few online brokers that offer cryptocurrencies include eToro, Sofi Active Investing, and Tradestation. When looking for the right cryptocurrency to buy, you should always read the fine print. It’s important to know who owns the company and who the major investors are. This can save you from investing money you may not have or even the chance of being scammed. Having cryptocurrency can often lead to theft as hackers try to get into networks and steal people’s money.


Cryptocurrencies have become very popular as people see them becoming the future. People also like that cryptocurrency takes away banks from managing their money supply since the value of money can go down. As the value may go up, many investors consider cryptocurrencies to be investments as they don’t necessarily generate any profit. The good news is that they’re legal in the United States, but that does vary with other countries. If you’re interested in buying cryptocurrencies, the best advice is to be informed and well-prepared before deciding on which to buy. At the end of the day, it’s your money that will eventually be your cryptocurrency.